Downloadable Documents

To be completed to book a holiday or any leave of absence during term time

Leave of absence may be granted; at the discretion of the governing body

  1. for a period of not more than two weeks in an educational year if parents wish their children to accompany them on their annual holiday
  2. on any day set apart for religious observation by a religious body to which the pupil’s parents belong

To be completed each time medication is to be administered by school staff

Please hand the completed form to the office along with your child`s medication. Please ensure the medication is well labelled.

Also note: School staff are not permitted to administer any medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor.

To be completed when applying for free school meals

Once completed, the form needs sending directly to County Hall in Truro. The full address is on the form.

To be completed when applying for a place in a school club

Once completed, please hand to your child's teacher.

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