Foundation Curriculum - Year 2016/2017

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Our setting consists of 5 areas, 3 indoors and 2 outdoors, that the children access throughout the week.

The Challenge Room

We visit this room for our daily Phonics session, learning to read and write. We use a combination of 'Jolly Phonics' and 'Letters and Sounds' and the children have a daily challenge to complete in here. It is a lovely quiet room with lots of books and space for the children to get comfortable and read. The writing trolley provides lots of resources to choose from, as well as 'fiddly finger' equipment to support fine motor control. You can keep up to date with your child's Reading and Writing Next Steps by checking the Tapestry Learning Journey regularly. We would like to work together with you to help your child achieve these next steps and value your comments and information about how they are getting on at home.

The Take and Make Room

This room has a sand and water tray, art cupboard, painting easel, creative trolley, malleable resources, small world 'imaginative toys', an interactive smart board, quiet area and sensory resources. This is also where we store our cooking and science equipment. As the name suggests, the children can access a variety of resources to use for their creations.

The Numberjack's Room

Most of our maths resources are in here for the children to access and support their learning. As with Reading and Writing, your child will have a Number Next Step that you can find updated on the Tapestry site. There is also a role play area and, as with all the areas, reading and writing opportunities.

The Garden

This is a great place just to use your imagination to play, but there are plenty of resources to find when needed. For example, the children can access den building materials in the shed, sand and water equipment, gardening tools, musical instruments and dressing up materials.

The Sportacus Playground

We use the KS1 playground every day with the aim of keeping fit and healthy. Here we can choose from lots of physical equipment to play such as bikes, scooters, skipping ropes, hoops, balancing boards, bats and balls....

In addition we also make use of the rest of the school grounds, including the Wildlife Area which houses a bird hide, log climb, insect hotel and campfire area. There is so much to do outside that our waterproof wet weather suits mean we can go out every day whatever the weather!

In the Foundation Stage we are able to choose our theme on a weekly basis, depending on the interests of the children. However, we do of course make use of the seasons, weather, and seasonal events.


This is a 'stand alone' day from the rest of the week when we focus on the Prime Areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Education, Communication and Language Development and Physical Development. The children also have a weekly RE session on this day. In the mornings there is an indoor physical development or PE lesson in the hall. (Please ensure the children have their PE kit on this day!) We also have Circle Time, ensuring everyone is feeling happy and well and ready to begin another busy and enjoyable week. In the afternoons we have 'Bikeability' sessions, concentrating on the children's balancing skills and with the ultimate aim of riding their bike independently. There is also a focus on gross motor skills, with lots of games, and fine motor skills such as scissor control.


Parents can view their child's Learning Journey online, via a programme called Tapestry. As well as a chance to see a child's progress through daily activities, parents can also add photographs and comments of their own to contribute to their child's Learning Journey. Please use the link below to log in.