School Council

Working with RESPECT

  • We are RESPONSIBLE for what we have agreed to do
  • We EXPECT each other to do what has been agreed
  • We SUPPORT each other and talk to be heard
  • We PREVENT anyone feeling left out
  • We help EVERYONE to be happy with our plans
  • We CONSIDER each others feelings and needs
  • We TALK well of each other


School Council Quotes

I am a School Council and Green Ambassador representative. I am involved in lots of school activities including gardening, supporting good causes, organising competitions and generally helping to improve our school. I love being part of this team.

I'm a School Council / Green Ambassador. I help out with e-safety. I also help decorate and sell cakes and run competitions. We take pleasure in our job and help to improve our school.

I enjoy being a Green Ambassador because we get to go to meetings. Its interesting to learn more things about the school. We have lots of fun decorating cakes.

I am a Green Ambassador and I was chosen by my friend Evie. When I was chosen I thought I was going to be a great Green Ambasador.

I was elected to be a Green Ambassador in assembly by Brogan. I do gardening and I sold cakes for Red Nose Day.

I am a School Council representative and we do gardening around the school and help raise money. We have a meeting every month. We help with e-safety.

I'm a School Council and Green Ambassador. I'm here to make Rosemellin School a better place for the schools environment. I love school council becuase I want to make our school better.

I love being School Council because we get to go to meetings. We decorate buns to sell. We are part of e-safety.

I am School Council and this is what I do: We look out for any problems and report it to Mrs Aimers. We decorate and sell cakes for charity. I was chosen to be school council by a vote and I got the most.