Rosemellin Community Primary School - part of the Crofty Multi Academy Trust

Christmas Fayre :     

This Friday -            24th November at 2pm

Learning and achieving for one and all

I would like to warmly welcome you all to Rosemellin School.

At Rosemellin we all work hard to ensure our children enjoy their learning journey. Children thrive in our school where learning is made to be as exciting and purposeful as possible. Our curriculum engages and entices and our children enjoy learning in a variety of contexts, including the local setting and wider afield.

Every child is encouraged to achieve their very best and are challenged in their learning.  All staff endeavour to achieve the very best for each of our children and are committed to ensuring that they reflect on their teaching in order that their children's learning is the best it can be.

We understand that children succeed when home and school work positively together. Please help us in this by supporting your child. Developing a love of books and of reading is a most important thing so please, encourage your child by reading stories and sharing books.

Many events take place in a school calendar year. We would love to see you and you will be warmly welcomed. We know just how much your child values seeing you in their school setting so please try to make the time to come and see us.

I know that your child will enjoy their time with us and will thrive. Should there be anything you need to know or, should there be anything that you would like to discuss with the school, please come in and see us. If shared, things ca

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